The Product

The coffee that will push you beyond your limits.

Leave out the Bastardo in You.

The mix

The combination of carefully selected Robusta and Arabica beans forms the strong body of the Bastardo. Especially, the high amount of Robusta provides the Bastardo with its full force since it contains the double amount of caffeine than the Arabica bean. Less acidic, but rich and roasty with a nutty and chocolaty aroma.

The roasting method

Already in the earliest days of the Bastardo, its incredible stamina is demanded when it is exposed to the high temperatures of our traditional drum-roaster where an almost 20 minutes ride carefully shows the Bastardo its limits. Permanent interruptions for quality checks of our roasting expert could never throw the Bastardo off balance, such a focused beast. Only in such a careful process the Bastardo can develop its strong body and fine aroma of which we are proud to provide you with to push you beyond your limits.